1. To register for this tournament, click on the REGISTER button in the banner above.
2. Once you click register, if you have not updated your profile you will be directed to do so.
3. Once your profile is completed, which includes mandatory fields such as platform Gamertag/ID, you will get a successfully registered message and will be re-directed to the tournament details page where you can read up on participation guidelines and rules, view participant list etc.
4. Tournaments have limited spaces. If you register after all slots are filled up, you will be placed on a waiting list and updated in case of any dropouts.
On the tournament details page you can click on the schedule tab to view:
Your first match scheduled time.
Your first match scheduled opponent.
Platform Gamertag/ID Id of both participants.
The tournament schedule will only be live 24 hours before the actual tournament date.
All times are as per United Arab Emirates (UAE) time.
On the day of the tournament, participants must log in a minimum of 15 minutes before their scheduled match time.
1. Prior to your match, you have to log in to the website through your registered account and visit the tournament schedule page.
2. On this page, you can access your opponent’s Platform Gamertag/ID ID details.
3. The first participant to log in to Playstation should invite their opponent and create a match as per given tournament rules. (Please refer to the Rules section if you haven’t already)
4. Once the match has been played, the winner has to take a screenshot of the results page with the score.
5. The winner is to then visit the tournament schedule page and validate their win by clicking on the VALIDATE button of their specific match.
6. To validate your win, you have to enter your match scores in the given open fields and upload the screenshot of your win.
7. Once the winner has completed the upload, he/she has to click on the validate button and wait for it to be validated.
8. In case of a dispute, the opponent must provide evidence of the same by emailing within 5 minutes of completion of the match and contact support on +971 56 559 9916.
9. Once your win has been validated, the validating status will change and the confirmed results for the match will be displayed in the schedule and the winner will be moved to the next round. Gold tabs will further display the winner of each match.
10. In case the winner forgets to take a screenshot of the final score, he/she can still input scores after clicking on the validate button. However, if their opponent disputes the result, the win will go to the opponent as the winner failed to provide proof of result.
11. A participant will be considered a no show if they have not logged in and accepted the invite up to 10 minutes of scheduled match time. In case of a no show, the participant that has logged in should report the no show using the VALIDATE button in the schedule section. The participant needs to send a screenshot of the unaccepted invite to join match and tick the no show box on the validate window.
Just as in every sport, you will be able to compete weekly, where you will earns points and every stage of the tournament you progress to, earns you further points with bonuses for the winners. Your accrued points determine your ranking on the GG Middle East Rankings. Based on your rankings through the season, you may qualify for regional major tournaments and earn your way into the GG Middle East League Championship Playoffs. The crowned Champions from the Middle East will go on to represent the Middle East. They will compete globally, entries secured and travel expenses paid to the events.
Points earned per round
Round 1 50 points (No points for no shows)
Round 2 25 points
Round 3 25 points
Plus 100 points for every successive round. The number of rounds being dependent on the number of participants in the tournament. In addition all participants earn points equivalent to number of participants in the tournament.

Results of each match can be viewed on the schedule page and the winners will be featured on the standings page.

Participants must provide accurate platform Gamertag/ID on their profile page. The same Gamertag/ID must be used during the entire tournament. If a participant’s Gamertag/ID is incorrect, the participant is automatically disqualified from the tournament.
The participant must enter the Island Code (provided below) to enter the lobby.
The match will begin once all participants have entered the lobby.
All participants spawn with a blue AR, SMG, pump and mini’s with infinite ammo and materials.
Once the match timer ends, a scoreboard will pop up with all player scores. All participants must submit a screenshot of this scorecard on Go Gamers platform to validate their scores.
Matches can be validated up to 15 minutes before the next round starts.
Winner must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion.
In case of disconnection or low latency during a match, or the voluntary departure of a player or team, the match continues its course and the end result will be accepted by, as per the score result uploaded for validation.
Participants should set the following island code in one of the rift portals.
Island code : 4491-9462-5969
Prize #1
Fortnite Turtle Wars

All date time are according to Asia/Calcutta (GMT+05:30)


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