Gamers are special breed and online or offline, we are committed to creating a world where they can feel completely at home. That’s what our Community section is all about. We have created GG LIVE and GG PLAY for our members to connect one on one, in person or online, with other members who are passionate about gaming and join a community where they belong.


With GG PLAY, members can find existing or new friends online, connect with them and play their favourite games at any time. So you don’t have to wait for a tournament to improve your LIVE Leaderboard rankings. Play for fun or practice with other gamers, JUST LIKE YOU! It all goes down in three simple steps – Connect. Compete. Conquer.


GG LIVE takes Go Gamers offline and connects members in person at community events. From thrilling excursions to simple gatherings, we encourage the social aspects of gaming among our members. Our GG LIVE events will provide a range of activities that center around our common interest - GAMING! Think thrilling excitement for Go Gamers, your network of friends and the whole family. From board games and cinema trips to Pokemon GO and parent versus kid challenges, GG LIVE promises a community atmosphere of fun at gaming venues across the region. We also organize on site gaming tournaments, where Go Gamers can interact in person and challenge the champions of the GG Leaderboard.

Upcoming Event

UAE EGames
Apr 18 Sat 2020
12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Past Event